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Water is the liquid your body needs

Water is the liquid your body needs, not enough water will cause your energy levels to go up and down, day after day
This is so common in people as they struggle to find a work life balance

The simplest way to get out of pre-diabetic and get good reliable energy out of your body is to drink water! 3.6 million Australians have diabetes

Drink the right amount of water for your body, your body needs 33mls per kilo of body weight
• if you are 100 kilos you would need 3.3 litres
• if you are 60 kilos you need about 2 litres

If you are trying to balance the biochemistry based on your body weight, you wouldn’t say drink between 8 and 10 glasses a day, this may not be right for you.

If you drink too much water you will flush too many vitamins and minerals out of your system, water is only one component that your body needs. So as not to deplete the necessary vitamins like the vitamin B’s know how much water you should be drinking and drink every half hour or so until you reach your daily requirement that you need to remain hydrated and healthy

Red Bull Smoothie all natural

Red Bull Smoothie all natural, delicious and easy to make

If you are looking to ad fiber and energy to your day try my natural red bull smoothie; it is delicious

It is important to know that the whole fresh fruit is much better for you than juicing because you get the benefit from the whole fruit which is the natural fibre, as opposed to just the juice where you throw away the flesh and skin which is loaded with nutritional goodness
For diabetics this is great because you will not get the sugar spike with whole fruit as you do with just the juice, enjoy

Manuka honey and cinnamon tastes really good

Manuka Honey and Cinnamon for weight loss, to my surprise tastes really good

I tried manuka honey and cinnamon today for the first time to see whether or not I would include it in my daily diet, the answer is yes! I love it, it is easy to drink and all I have to do now is see whether or not it will help reduce my bloating and and assist in losing my stubborn belly fat.

I made it up like this…

  • in a cup put 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder
  • 1 tablespoon of manuka honey
Put a little room temperature water in and stir, top up with just under boiled water because if you put boiled water straight onto the manuka honey you will destroy the natural enzymes that is vital to making this recipe work; you could also place the cinnamon in the cup pour over the hot water and then add the honey once it has cooled for a few minutes

Cinnamon for weight loss

I am trying this out myself because there are so many different methods to losing weight these days I prefer to recommend something to my clients and friends that actually works, has worked for me or someone I know. It seems like the recommendation of honey and cinnamon is plenty so I have sifted through many articles and scientific research to get to the bottom of it

Research by Scientist Richard Anderson for Agricultural Research Service

“I don’t recommend eating more cinnamon buns, or even more apple pie – there’s too much fat and sugar.” Says Anderson. “The key is to add cinnamon to what you would eat normally.”




Vitamin D and Migraines

Migraine Root Causes – Vitamin D Deficiency

“Are You Sick and Tired of Being Crippled by Painful, Migraines?

do you want to defeat your migraines?

I am a migraine sufferer of 32 years, so I am somewhat of an expert LOL, I have tried everything from natural to of the counter drugs, all which have not worked for me

video by Suzanne Abboud



To get all the alkaline benefits we need to be at the 7.4ph level

when your too acidic your body tries everything to get more alkaline, sounds good BUT this is where the trouble begins

  • GOOD it stores some acid in your fat to keep it from harms way
  • BAD your body then holds onto the fat for protection, hence the weight loss struggle!