Vitamix Blender 5200 standard

Vitamix 5200 Standard Package

TNC 5200 Standard Package $995 order today and get $100 off… thats $895 plus $25 shipping for my opening special for Australian orders only

Donna Phillips Vitamix Distributor;  Order now!

for Australian Orders only using the secure PayPal button here

TNC 5200 Standard Package Vitamix Donna PhillipsHave you joined the Smoothie World?

This high powered blender will be your best kitchenaid ever, you should see what I do with mine, I would never be without one now I use it everyday for so many things

green smoothie Donna Phillips Vitamix Distributor
green smoothie Donna Phillips Vitamix Distributor



You know how Green Smoothies are all the rage?  there’s a good reason for it they are super healthy giving you energy, fiber and nutrition all in one

click here to get the recipe for my His and Hers Green Smoothie shown above

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