About me

Whichever way I start telling you about myself I will try and make it interesting.

I have always been interested in the internet from day one as soon as it was shown to me some 20 years ago, I had to have it and have never been without it since. I love to build wordpress websites for people and often do more than they originally pay for

I started off my interest in business when I was about 8 my Aunt had a shop I begged to her to let me serve behind the counter I was so fascinated about the whole product customer interaction even though I had no concept of money, what so ever!

I left school at the age of 14 years and 9 months because I couldn’t wait to go to work, I hadn’t even learnt my times tables past times 4, I guess I just slipped through the cracks.

I love  reading other peoples blogs and websites and I have learnt more now that I ever did at school, what ever I want to know I just Google it! I love it!

I have had my share of health problems and because of that I have achieved certificate IV in food coaching, as well as I am going to go further and get my diploma

I am a fitness activate and do and promote the 7 minute workout which I love, check it out here donna phillips 7 minute workout

I love helping people lose weight and get fitness I get just as much out of it as my clients do!

I have had many offline business’s and I am thrilled to learn that there are so many options for online business’s, so stay on my site and have a look around; check out the menu bar and feel free to ask questions and leave a comment

if you haven’t already pop your name and email in the box to the right to get my ebook and updated recipes and tips I also have a fanpage you can like and ask me questions

Thank you for reading about me

Donna Phillips

a little Art Craft Crazy

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