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Donna Phillips talks health and fitness

I believe in making small changes and doing a program with both exercises and weight training that can be done by all ages

If you have been really trying hard and just can’t get the results you want then you will more and likely get some help from this site you can also contact me personally for advise

Exercise why do we need it?

It is a long established fact; that we need to exercise and eat the right foods so we do not gain weight slowly over the years.

The need to exercise is more important now than ever. Our Grandparents and their parents were not living in the super sized fast food era as we are.

We need to exercise to stay healthy and  a growing body of research suggests that exercise can improve explicit memory in people of all ages. Older adults and young children may receive the greatest benefits.

there are many reasons why people exercise 

  • for work
  • for health
  • for recreation
  • for competition
  • for their appearance
Your heart, lungs, and muscles all need regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. But did you know that it is for your bones, too? Regular exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your vital organs and bones.

Motivation where does it come from?

Motivation for some; is random and others it just comes, well so it appears. If you have been plagued by lack of motivation most of the time, try some of these tips

  • Adopt simple routines
  • build self esteem
  • make a list of goals
  • make attaining things more desirable
  • eliminate the fear of failure
  • motivation arises from inspiration, so get inspired about something or someone
  • surround yourself with motivated people
  • don’t be frightened to set the fence too high
  • realize you can do so much more
  • make motivation an instinct
  • avoid obstacles
  • self education
  • join a group on or off line

Motivation comes from desire, so make progress goals not product goals. Progress goals are “I am going to exercise today for 20 minutes” Product goals are “I will run a mile in five minutes”  progress goals are more successful, concentrate on simply doing the exercise





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