Hassleback Potatoes chopstick tip

A great tip for cutting hassleback potatoes

I have been cutting my potatoes on and of for 30 years like this, I didnt know they had a name until today LOL. These are a great way to show off if your having guests for dinner

Steps – choose long shaped potatoes for best results, peel your potatoes and cut in half longways

  1. grab a cutting board
  2. and a potato
  3. put a chop stick either side of the potato
  4. and carefully cut slices through
  5. when your knife hits the chopsticks, stop and repeat the next slice


put some baking paper in a baking pan, rub a small amount of oil, I use grapeseed or coconut oil because it takes the high heat and they are both on the Good Oils List
sprinkle some celtic or himalayan pink salt on and bake until golden brown and crispy. Every oven varies so just watch them and serve with greens and an orange colour vegetable for a very sexy plate indeed! For a variation try sprinkling some crushed walnuts over the top before you bake them, they are delicious!

hassleback potatoes how to cut