Home Grown Tomatoes

Theres nothing like a home grown fresh vine ripened tomato!

The magic thing about these tomatoes are; this is my first ever successful vine that actually grew (without dying) and grew through Winter! I never new it was possible to grow tomatoes through the winter months?
These two little beauties popped up in the chicken coop, at the beginning of winter they looked so healthy and strong I thought I would move them just to see what happened

What a nice surprise, they just kept on growing and growing and were so strong, green and lush. You can imagine my surprise when they started to flower and then fruit, they took ages to ripen but they eventually did right at the end of winter. heres a picture of some of the tomatoes we are now getting and there are heaps more to come.

We did cover the vines at night with some shade cloth, and I think being near the brick wall helped them stay warm for a bit

now all I have to do is get cooking and preserve some for later. P.S I have a green thumb after all mum!


truss tomatoes homegrown
truss Tomatoes homegrown through winter












Homegrown Tomatoes through Winter
Homegrown through Winter Tomato Vines














Tomato Vines covered for protection
Tomato Vines covered for protection


















Super tatsey homegrown tomatoes
Super tasty homegrown tomatoes