What do custard apples taste like?

What do custard apples taste like? My mum gave me two custard apples the other day that she picked up from the Coffs Harbour markets. I couldn’t wait for them to get ripe so I could rip into them! they are so different to any other fruit, they are silky and soft to eat and the taste is well…I can’t explain the taste I just like them! so for the taste you will have to get one and try it for yourself, you got to go get one, to know!   what do custard apples taste like? How to select a Custard Apple  Choose a custard apple that is firm, this way you can get it home without bruising Choose a custard apple that is soft and ready to eat, be sure to ask the shop assistant not to drop your fruit in the bags while packing Ripen your custard apple at room temperature When ripe, the fruit is soft a bit like a ripe avocado to touch How to store a Custard Apple 

  • To fast track the ripening,  grab a banana and place it in a brown paper bag with the custard apple and leave overnight and check until ripe
  • Custard apple shelf life is short, I picked up a firm one and was advised that it would not be ripe for a week, but it ripened in 4 days
  • Do not put the custard apple into the refrigerator until it is ripe for keeping, fruit will not ripen below 14 degrees
  • Once you have cut the fruit it will keep well in a sealed container in the refrigerator

How to eat a Custard Apple  Eat custard apple like you would any fresh fruit, I cut them in half and just squeeze the fruit which pulls the fruit away from the skin easily, so good ala natural Try adding the flesh to your next Indian korma curry Heat the juices of lime and ginger with a touch of maple syrup, add custard apple flesh and simmer until it becomes syrup-like. Place the filling in thin low fat crepes and garnish with blueberries For a smoothie, blend custard apple flesh with papaw, mulberries,  rice or your favourite nut milk Mash custard apple for young children, you can add a banana for a delicious and healthy snack Good news! Custard Apples have a low Glycemic Index  Custard apples are a low GI fruit, low Glycemic Index trickle glucose into the bloodstream, which helps to manage type 2 diabetes and obesity Custard apples are low in fat, contain protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins which equals energy. They are also an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium with some B2 and complex carbohydrates

custard apples low glycemic index  

custard apple nutrition facts
Custard Apple Nutrition Facts 100 g