What is a Webinar or Conference Room?

You’ve heard of Seminars, so what’s a Webinar or a Conference Room?

For Teaching Communication or selling a product any where in the world you can do it now using this great conference room, with your own presentation using the Internet.

  • A Webinar is conducted online using software that allows guests to log in using a link provided by the organizer
  • A Seminar is held in a bricks and mortar room with a group of people and a teacher up front

Webinars the new way…


Running your own Webinar Online is today’s way to reach a wide audience and interact the same way you would if you were in a room with a group of people.

Due to it’s informal setting there is usually an interesting mix of characters and conversations taking place during the session, online webinars are gradually replacing the old meeting in person style seminar.

Seminars the old way…

traditional seminar

The traditional way to teach a skill or show your product is to hire a room or a hall and conduct a Seminar. Seminars offered offline are time consuming and can be expensive and stressful to run, with the need to advertise heavily to get attendee’s.

Besides the Venue there is also a need to have print outs of your class material which requires mass’s of printing and binding to present your lesson professionally, you would need to set up your white board or a computer to display the lesson and or the product for your audience to see.

Don’t forget the need for a coffee table, table cloth, cups, saucers, spoons, hot water urn, jugs etc.

How to choose a Conference Room, to hold your own Webinars!

Before you sign up for any Web Conferencing Company check out how they work, what options and tools they have and what they charge, the problem with some services whilst they are well known they are expensive and you only get one product service for a monthly charge, plus they are targeting the bigger business and presenters.

The best service would be one that offers a free trial to start with, deliver something that customers would love having like more than one service such as chat, whiteboard, presentation of video and power point, desktop sharing, branding, recording for later viewing all for a monthly fee, catering for the smaller as well as the bigger users.

For ease of use and value for money we recommend GVO Conference, check out my demo room here, I do not ask you to opt in, to check out my room!

There is no Software to download  to see this room, it is live streaming and you can access it on any computer, no need to register all you need is a link then login to attend, this link is provided by the person who invited you or the presenter of the Webinar.

  • When you click on the link above it will take you to my room
  • You will be asked to allow or deny camera access, click allow
  • Then just type in your name in the user name box
  • click OK, you do not need a password
  • If I am online I will be alerted that you have arrived
  • There’s a chat box down the bottom of the center screen, type in your message and hit send