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Product B is a natural Telomere support ‘Bad things happen when Telomeres get short’

Now the Medical community is starting to take notice of Product B !

Dr. Robert Watine, a board certified specialist in internal medicine, says he has documented more than 400 patients who presented positive health results after taking Product B.

Watine operates the Southwest Florida Medical Center for Age Management in Port Charlotte, Florida.

He says he was skeptical about the supplement at first, but realized the common link to his patients’ improved health was Product B.

“We’ve only changed one variable, and that’s giving them this.”

Watine says patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cardio issues and kidney disease have shown surprising improvement after taking the supplement.

“Their disease processes have gotten better by objective data I use to assess a patient,” he said.

To see original article and 3 minute TV News report click here.

In years to come basically everyone will know about Telomeres, Telomerase and Telomerase Activation. I believe it will prove to be the biggest medical breakthrough ever and literally millions of people will be helped just as Dr Watine’s 400 patients of have been helped.

Many scientists believe that the risk of being affected by a large number of diseases and conditions can be markedly reduced if it is possible to maintain long healthy telomeres.

Dr DePinho from Harvard Medical School has shown that ‘aged tissues have a point of return’ if telomeres are lengthened. Could this be what has happened in Dr Watine’s patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cardio issues and kidney disease? Personally, I think so.

Step 1 :  Look at the basic science behind it.

Click on : to watch a short video that explains the science behind it all and watch Dr De Pinho discuss how he was able to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging in a living animal. There is also a ‘Telomerase Overview’ document in a written form attached to this email.

Step 2 :  Look at the Testimonies.           

Click on : to see numerous video testimonies from people who have been taking Product B. These show that ‘aged tissues have a point of return’ as Dr DePinho states.

Step 3 : Get Product B here

Click on : I personally have been looking for a way to improve my health and mobility for 8 years, because I have suffered 2 serious debilitating illness’s which are still a problem for me now 2013 I have been taking product B since December 2011 my husband and I have had great results and have no plans to stop, we love it!

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